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This website is dedicated to not only reviewing books, but an opportunity to shine light to those who share the same interests as I do, provide a concise look-in at books, both schools and universities would/may like to consider, shine light to authors and their hard work and shine light to subjects that are less frequently read. We believe that we can learn an endless amount of things about this world we live in, and learn subjects, like existentialism, that define what life is about and define who we are as human beings. In addition to all this, reading can certainly benefit in knowing who we are as a person, after being blinded and bathed in lies we all grew up in school and in social circles in which we've continued to lose touch with.

This website is all nonfiction books and the reviews are written personally by a regular citizen who took the time to read from cover to cover. This ought to give hints on how reviews are normally written, without going through a software that summarizes it. All book reviews are written formally. The webmaster of this website also responds to any questions, or emails, you may have.

It wasn't long until this website talking about books of every kind under very particular fields of interest, especially the least popular ones, came into existence. All this brewed from the fact that there aren't too many websites dedicated to nonfiction titles. There's no harm in learning something new.

From Astronomy to Math History, it's tough to consider a good read under those subjects. The results in doing so unveils knowledge that will never be taught in schools and colleges everywhere. Hoping this website will encourage and inspire more people to seek out pure, organic knowledge at an affordable price, leading them to become stronger, wiser citizens who can pave the way for a brighter future for all of us.

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The Seeds of Books aims to maintain a good platform where anyone can talk about and discuss nonfiction books. While some books and its contents may trigger a spark in debating the topic presented, we ask that you do so in a civilized manner.


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