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This website is dedicated to not only reviewing books, but an opportunity to shine light to those who share the same interests as I do, provide a concise look-in at books schools and universities would/may like to consider, shine light to authors and their hard work and shine light to subjects that are less frequently read. I say this because I believe that we can learn an endless amount of things about this world we live in, and learn subjects, like existentialism, that define what life is about and define who we are as human beings. In addition to all this, reading can certainly benefit in knowing who we are as a person, after being blinded and bathed in lies we all grew up in school and in social circles in which we've continued to lose touch with.

This website is all nonfiction books and the reviews are written personally by a regular citizen who loves such things. I say this to give you a hint on how my reviews are normally written. I provide my reviews formally and I always respond to any questions, or emails in general, you may have. I never leave anyone out and their appreciation.

It wasn't long until I composed a website talking about books of every kind under my particular field of interest, especially the least popular ones. All this converted from a website dedicated to offering my freelance services in videography and listing all the works I've done since 2001 (I moved that onto a new website).

From Astronomy to Math History, from Philosophy to Conspiracies, it's tough to turn down a good read under those subjects. It has helped me complete my growth and knowledge as a human being, and I still continue to read more and more. Hoping this website will encourage and inspire more people to do the same.

As a perfect addition to my love for learning, I'm pursuing and aiming to obtain a higher degree (unsure as of now), along with acquiring a higher degree in Video Production. All this will be done in the future, and hopefully with the help and recognition I get from running this website, all will happen much sooner. Other than that, to all authors writing such subjects, continue writing! I'll still be reading them and reviewing them here!

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