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Review Policy

Books I review are based solely on my personal interest for the sake of learning something new, or a word out on something I need to know. All the books you see reviewed here were read and reviewed by me personally.

I only review resource books covering the Sciences: Astronomy, Cosmology, Physics, Quantum stuff and some Geology, Math & Math History, some Philosophy and more. (My personal interests may increase, thus branching into something new, so additions to this list will take place if necessary.)

Whether you're an author, publisher or producer I'm open to what books you would like me to take a look at and review.
Book Suggestions

As of now, I do welcome any suggestions for books to read, and if requested, to review as long as it falls under the topics listed above. Currently, as of this writing, I have about 15-20 books in queue ready to be read, but nevertheless, I will still listen to your suggestions and will surely look into it. As for reviewing the book(s), I not only want to review, but to grasp the information thoroughly so I am learning something for myself as well. Though any suggestions sent will be notified if it will be up for review on the home page.

If you are an author or publisher, and are currently releasing a new revised version of a book or writing another book in relation to the genre you write about, and you do need an urgent review of the book, I will make this exception to do so. However, only do so if you need it under whatever legitimate reason(s) you may have, otherwise, it will be in the backlog of the other books waiting to be read.

Suggestions for books, questions and the like, contact me:

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