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by Kris Caballero

Easy to show on camera -
An enlightened expression.
More contagious than bacteria,
thus relieving tension.
Great choice for foundation,
rendering make-up useless.
A facial feature of satisfaction,
makes looking at you painless.
Can fool and con others,
also able to fake.
Can't fool every time at another,
when sprouting your whites for a potential mate.
Spilling my feelings for you,
lightens darkest parts of your heart.
May all these up your happiness so true,
By doing the imperative - my favorite part:


by Jennifer Aknin

As the ocean swept her name away
it was like a message in a bottle.
Swept away, so far away
but the words were still whispered,
I love you with all my heart, and
even though you left I know you're not gone.
I can feel your presence everywhere
even if your name is just a whisper on the waves
and the air around me.
This is my way of saying "hello"
not goodbye.
For goodbye is such a lie
because I know you're waiting here beside me
waiting for the message.
R.I.P. you are loved
we will meet again
when I catch up to your whisper.

(In loving memory of Kimberly Castle)


by Jennifer Aknin

Fear is what keeps us up at night,
drilling questions haunt our minds
like an angry poltergeist.
Will I ever find my true happiness in myself?
Will I ever find that happiness of myself
reflected in a companion, a lover, a friend
far deeper than anyone I know?
Will I be able to respect myself enough
to know when someone is poison?
Will I let go of all this pain, doubt,
and uncertainty I hold inside out of fear
of not being me without it?
Or should I fear not being myself with it?
Should I fear at all?
What is fear?
Is it truly just a choice
or is it a necessity for protection?

"The Hardest Thing"

by Jennifer Aknin

The hardest thing is to let go.
The hardest thing to do is watch someone hurt
and you can't help.
The hardest thing to do is be strong
and know you're worth so much more
than what was offered.
The hardest thing to do is love yourself.
The hardest thing to do is be lonely.
The hardest thing to do is know
you are never alone
even in the loneliest moments.
The hardest part is letting go.
The hardest part is letting go.
The easiest part is loving yourself.
The easiest part is letting something new
into your heart.
The easiest part is being a light.
Be a light.
Be a light.
Be that fairy pixel light.
Be happy.
It feels better to be happy.
It feels better to be happy.
Be happy.
Be happy.
Love yourself, be yourself.
It's okay to feel pain your heart.
It's okay to feel loss, but in the end
you know you won,
because you treated yourself with kindness.

"I Wonder"

by Jennifer Aknin

It's been so long
since you've been gone.
I wonder what you're doing
and who you've met along your journey.
Do you still make time to visit
even though I'm all grown up?
Have you watched everything that's happened
even though I cannot see you?
I miss your hugs and corky ways.
You whistled beautifully while you were here
and I wonder if you still do.
I wonder if you greeted the others
who followed not long after you.
I wonder if you've seen our friend
and if you greeted her too.
I love you all very much
and hope to see you again soon.

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