The Seeds of Books

Book Reviews

Provided are a list of books I have read personally in chronological order. As mentioned, my topics of interest are mainly nonfiction: Science, Math & Math History, Logic, beginner's guides and some philosophy, literature, politics and religion.

Along with my reviews, I included pictures of the book, its profile, what I learned from reading it and a rating. If you would like to use the pictures taken of the books, please ask my permission. I also ask that you don't hotlink the images.

Other than that, enjoy reading my book reviews simply by clicking on the book's thumbnail. Any suggestions for reading whether it's for pleasure and/or review, email me (form provided below).

Obama Will Win, But Romney Will Be President review
Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History review
Megacatastrophes review
Tubes review
Moving Heaven And Earth review
A Mathematician's Apology review
Supersense review
50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True review
50 Reasons People Give for believing in a god review
The God Virus review
Anime Essentials review
Anarchy Evolution review
If Roast Beef Could Fly review
Larceny Games review
We Don't Die review
Kana Pict-o-graphix review
The Fix Is In review
Personal Foul review
Mind Over Math review
The Numerati review
Excuse Me, Your Soulmate Is Waiting review
Existentialism: A Beginner's Guide review
Mafia And Organized Crime: A Beginner's Guide review
Philosophy of Science: A Beginner's Guide review
Humanism: A Beginner's Guide review
Planet Earth: A Beginner's Guide review
Criminal Psychology: A Beginner's Guide review
Aesthetics: A Beginner's Guide review
Quantum Physics: A Beginner's Guide review
Tears For Fears: Tales From The Big Chair review