About Me

I've been producing videos/films since 2001, producing over 170 projects and counting. It wasn't until early 2012 that I've been dedicating time to a new line of opportunity—reading. What got me digging up reading much more was a result of reading a couple of guides—one programming in C and Ruby, and the other learning to read and write in Korean. In 2012, I suddenly picked up a book about Sports Conspiracies titled The Fix Is In. My skepticism on the world of sports increased, as I looked beyond a cornucopia of other interests and more, as this passion continues today. As you might have guessed, my extreme skepticism led me to create a haven for nonfiction reviews, discussing everything on and off this planet and what life, and all that is in it, are all about.

My video game collection.For nostalgic reasons, I began developing a collection of video games, picking up ones I grew up with and rarities I've never seen. Though I have, and will keep, some of the rare gems in my video game collection, and sometimes play to unwind, I decided to I dig deep into some serious reading. Unlike video games, I'm not building a library of books to which I can read then resell later. I read because I'm serious about learning the subjects and capitalizing on the new things I've learned to my advantage. Because of the increase of my skeptical curiosity, reading has personally been my way of figuring out and questioning everything in life and what's left of it. Nevertheless, though many of us enjoy an excellent story, I like to bring attention to factual writings done by all these brilliant authors and what they have to bring to guide us on the pathway of societal utopia.

As for my filmmaking, I've been recording and using MiniDV tapes—a recording medium I've been comfortable using since 2003. I have now updated to P2 Cards as my recording format for shooting videos. In addition to my videography, I do some digital photography to compliment my filmmaking. For video, I edit with Final Cut Studio 2 suite, shooting with a Panasonic AG-DVX100B / AG-HVX200 AG-HPX170. For photography, I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 and shoot with a Nikon D5000 and a Panasonic DMC-GH2. I have done and had freelance work experience since 2004. I currently am hosting a website providing all my works and building something bigger from there.My video tape library.

Summarizing my other interests, these include listening to lots of oldies music along with the seventies and eighties, watching some cooking shows/documentaries/game shows, learning the Korean and Japanese languages (for fun), Korean and Japanese pop music, conspiracy theories, Feng Shui, playing with the Linux and BSD Unix systems, playing basketball and bowling (my highest score is 265 done in league back in August 4, 2005). All in all, my goal from this website is to build a headquarters for education encouraging many to read, work toward improving our educational system, namely Mathematics and Logic, and to produce an educational web series teaching viewers in various subjects of interest, helping with homework and more. I sincerely remain optimistic about our country's education and we have a chance to inspire and help kids' future.

Despite my skills, I want to inform and inspire people about the hidden world filled with truth presented in wonderfully written texts. It is my firm belief that books can eliminate the lies that float this world, and can provide sharp confidence and motivation into working toward a solid, blissful life living our own way. We will surely get to know our home planet, ourselves as humans, our surroundings, our environment, learning about others and many of the things we live and encounter everyday, to thrive on the life we now live and ultimately compose our own philosophy on what makes us who we are—all by doing some reading.


Kris Caballero

Los Angeles, CA, USA


English - American (fluent), Tagalog (listening only), Korean (written only), Russian (written only)

College degree

My father, Greg Graffin, Roland Orzabal, Albert Einstein, James Rolfe, Robert Rodriguez


Video Editing/Encoding Softwares:
Final Cut Pro, Adobe: Premiere Pro/Media Encoder/Photoshop/After Effects/Encore, Harmonic Carbon Rhozet, Digital Rapids

Computer Operating Systems:
Windows, Macintosh, Linux [Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux Mint], BSD Unix

3D Graphics Softwares:
Cinema 4D, Zaxwerks

Programming Languages:
PHP, C, C++, C#, Java, MySQL

Logic, Writing


Brian Tuohy, John Gribbin, Guy P. Harrison, Sandra Champlain

The Fix Is In, Planet Earth: A Beginner's Guide, Mafia and Organized Crime: A Beginner's Guide, 50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True

Pokémon, HamTaro, Wandaba Style

TV Shows:
Whose Line Is It Anyway, The Colbert Report, Pokémon, The Facts of Life, I Dream of Jeannie, America's Test Kitchen, America's Got Talent, Adventures of Superman, Good Eats, Sonic The Hedgehog, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros., various classic TV game shows (i.e. Card Sharks, The Price Is Right, Supermarket Sweep, Password Plus and Match Game), various documentaries on PBS (KCET)/KLCS/Discovery Channel/National Geographic/History Channel/The Science Channel, The Simpsons, Unbeatable Banzuke, Let's Go Dream Team!

Web Series:
The Angry Video Game Nerd, DashieGames, Lazy Game Reviews, Gamester81: Rare & Retro, The Best Show In The Universe

Travel with Rick Steves, Planetary Radio, The Race Day Las Vegas Radio Network, PredictionMachine.com, NBA Lockdown, RPGFan, Science Times

You Can't Take This With You, Citizen Kane, Psycho, Sunset Boulevard, Dumb & Dumber(er), Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, Spirited Away, The Simpsons: Movie, The Godfather

Video Games:
Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Chrono Trigger, Link's Awakening: The Legend of Zelda, StarTropics, StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge, Final Fantasy Adventure, Mickey Mouse Magic Wands, Kirby's Avalanche, Samurai Shodown, Space Invaders 2, SafeCracker, Bejeweled Twist, Bomberman (DS), Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Kirby's Block Ball

Tears For Fears, Bad Religion, Dropkick Murphys, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Nobuo Uematsu, Debbie Gibson, Boy Meets Girl, Kate Bush, various video game soundtracks and background music, oldies, disco, seventies & eighties, Korean Pop (Girls' Generation, T-Ara, Girl's Day, After School, IU), Japanese Pop (SCANDAL, Perfume), Filipino Pop (SexBomb Girls, Willie Revillame, Hagibis, VST & Co.)