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Larceny Games (Front)

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"Sports is a business." Athletes, coaches and various team managements have stressed this phrase time and time again, yet more gullible fans get suckered into thinking that some reality is taken in due to a game's results. Even though it does take talent to pull off an impossible feat, such as a buzzer-beating shot or an interception at 4th & Goal, there's a reason why professional athletes and coaches sound like unemotional robots in pre- and post-game interviews who couldn't care less about their wins and/or losses. That truth has been exposed by Brian Tuohy proving so with this book. And if rigged games by the leagues themselves and the Mafia aren't enough, your favorite superhero athlete may just have had a small run-in with the FBI, is that right, Aaron Hernandez? Full Book Review

Planet Earth: A Beginner's Guide (Front)

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"If planet Earth is to continue to be a comfortable home for humankind, we are going to have to learn to live in harmony with the natural systems that have allowed life to flourish here for thousands of millions of years. And we are going to have to learn that lesson soon." (Gribbin, 2012 ed, p. 153, from the book "Planet Earth: A Beginner's Guide")

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If Roast Beef Could Fly review"If Roast Beef Could Fly"

One of the rare but classic books written by the former late night host of the The Tonight Show Jay Leno. I didn't realize he said the story actually happened during his youth—a nonfiction amusement. Book Review

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'Larceny Games' by Brian Tuohy

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Why are some teams more sorry than others? Why are athletes constantly getting in trouble with the law? With never-before-seen FBI files provided to stun, author Brian Tuohy is more than happy to answer those questions, about why sports isn't what you think. Full Book Review (opens new tab/window)

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Breasts (Front)

You're giggling now but the history of breasts—human breasts—has a lot to say than just being a target of sophomoric jokes and symbols of kinky eroticism. Author Florence Williams dives deep from the development of breasts, its place in society, silly-but-true stories, interviewing experts and why men are also at risk for breast cancer.

"Breasts" Review