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We Don't Die

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If there's something everyone will be experiencing in their lifetimes, it is losing a loved one. Oh yes, it hurts, it really does. What really happens during our grieving time? What can we learn about ourselves? Thankfully, author Sandra has lightened the load with questions like that (did so with me). Death isn't the end, and even the nonreligious agree. Nevertheless, we live and continue to live....forever. Full Book Review

Planet Earth: A Beginner's Guide (Front)

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"If planet Earth is to continue to be a comfortable home for humankind, we are going to have to learn to live in harmony with the natural systems that have allowed life to flourish here for thousands of millions of years. And we are going to have to learn that lesson soon." (Gribbin, 2012 ed, p. 153, from the book "Planet Earth: A Beginner's Guide")

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Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! This website will undergo a brief maintenance this week. I will notify when everything is cleaned up!

Four months later, a new website makeover, and a new book review: "We Don't Die" by Sandra Champlain. Whether you're looking to dive deep into the subject or looking into something to ease your grief, look no further. Sandra's warm words is enough to wipe your tears away—we continue living, even after physical death.

Better late than never: The Seeds of Books' 2014 Book of the Year has been crowned! Find out who won!

New poem! This one is titled "I Wonder" by Jennifer Aknin. Check it out.

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Breasts (Front)

You're giggling now but the history of breasts—human breasts—has a lot to say than just being a target of sophomoric jokes and symbols of kinky eroticism. Author Florence Williams dives deep from the development of breasts, its place in society, silly-but-true stories, interviewing experts and why men are also at risk for breast cancer.

"Breasts" Review